Colby – “6urnt2”

6urnt2 by Colby, Feat Julius Corey-Mo Gray, Colton Clayton, Dustin Rider

Download Here:

  1. Axe 2 Tha Neck
  2. Nuttin 4 Me 2 Kill
  3. I Try To Kill Tha Pain
  4. Samurai Sword Slice
  5. Moosehead
  6. Japanese ft Julius Corey-Mo Gray
  7. Last Of Days ft Dustin Rider
  8. Killa Colb So Ice Cold
  9. Phuck Misses Freshlesys
  10. We In Bidness
  11. Aura In The Worst Way
  12. Slithering Centipede
  13. Kill People Like U
  14. You Don’t Know ft Colton Clayton
  15. Transvaginal Mesh
  16. Baaaybeh
  17. I Kill Em
  18. Like Dem Fuckin Bisquits ft Julius Corey-Mo Gray, Colton Clayton
  19. Not Gonna Quit
  20. Hoes On Ma Dick
  21. Gimme Dap ft Julius Corey-Mo Gray, Colton Clayton
  22. I Am One With The Darkness
  23. Faces of Death
  24. Do A Little Rain Dance
  25. Changes
  26. Boat Club Gang
  27. Dark Sensahuma
  28. I’ma KIll Dat Man
  29. C to the O
  30. Cheshire Cat

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