WATCH: King Krimzon and Insane Clown Posse on Dr. Phil [Full Episode]

Dr. Phil, King Krimzon, and the Insane Clown Posse absolutely DOMINATED my Facebook timeline feed yesterday.  I will venture to say that every other post I saw was about King Krimzon’s episode that aired on Thursday, January 18th.

I never found a legitimate link for the full episode on Youtube, Facebook, or anywhere else.  I only saw the 2-4 minute clips provided by  But of course, we can’t just let you ninjas go without seeing it!

Right now, the full 42 minute episode is on Vimeo, and you can stream it for yourselves here:

Dr. Phil – Season 16 Episode 82 – My Husband Refuses to Get a Job and Believes He Is Going to Become a Famous Murder Rapper from FaygoluversHeaven on Vimeo.

Hope that helps those of you who missed it or couldn’t DVR it!  Let us know what you think of ICP’s advice for Krimzon!

from Faygoluvers


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