Sylar, Cage, Lil Toenail, Lyte & Ouija Joining ICP & Attila on the SlamFest Tour 2018

As if the Insane Clown Posse and Attila blowing shit up together musically isn’t isn’t enough for your dome piece, here’s some more flavor for ya.

We’ve already announce that ICP and Attila are heading out for the SlamFest 2018 Tour beginning this March, but we didn’t know that they we’re going to be accompanied by such fresh opening acts. Sylar, Cage, Lil Toenail, Lyte and Ouija will be joining the tour and are prepared to make some wigs do a complete 180.

As far as I’m hearing, Sylar is dope and Cage is definitely music worth getting into. More on Lil Toenail in a minute. This is definitely a tour worth hitting up.

Check out the tweet for ICP’s official Twitter account:

Check out the dates on the flyer below.

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Now, some of y’all, like me, might have saw the name “Lil Toenail” and thought “Who’s that? Sounds like an SNL parody of a Juggalo name.”

Well, here’s a taste of his brand new music video Go Out. Check it out and leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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