New House Of Krazees Track Being Worked On This Week!

On yesterday’s Brunch and Bake, which Monoxide regularly goes live on the Twiztid Facebook for, something was mentioned that I’m sure will hype up fans of the old school wicked shit!  A ninja named Travis asked Monoxide about some new House Of Krazees music, and Mono promptly gave a response that I know many of us have been waiting for.


What we’re doing, Travis Westbrook (the ninja that asked the question), is that we’re gonna record a song as HOK.  We’ll put it up, and if people give a fuck, then maybe we’ll do the record.  But if don’t nobody give a fuck, then there you go, you’ve got a new song. That happens tomorrow. We start that tomorrow.  Demand will dictate everything for Majik Ninja Entertainment from here on out.  Demand dictates everything.

If you want to hear the info for yourself, tune in to yesterday’s Brunch N Bake at around the 6:40 mark below:

from Faygoluvers


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