MNE Merch Update featuring “Haunted High Ons” and New Era Hats

Yesterday on MNE’s video podcast The Hookup, Mike and Dustin were joined by Blaze and JimJob and discussed a plethora of things including Astronomicon, Twiztid’s shows this weekend, stories from the road, and of course New Merch!

First off, Twiztid’s comic “Haunted High Ons” has had a few different variant covers for their debut issue.  Artist Dirk Manning stated via Instagram that there would be one final version that would ONLY be available at Astronomicon, and limited to 200 copies!  Check that post out below:

From Twiztid’s Facebook:

THIS IS NOT A DRILL! Because so many of you demanded it, we are offering one final HAUNTED HIGH-ONS one-shot variant cover, this time atAstronomicon February 9th-11th. The print run on this one is EXTREMELY limited, so plan on getting one early… and then get it signed by me, Twiztid and artists @maripescosta and @iniko_beats at the con! We look forward to seeing a lot of you there… and how’s THIS for a 666th Instagram post, eh? There are no coincidences, friends… #twiztid #dirkmanning#mariannapescosta #hauntedhighons#astronomicon #variantcover#magikninjaentertainment #skull #necronomicon#666

When they were originally made available, the MNE New Era Hats sold out within minutes!  The demand was there, so TwiztidShop is about to supply it!  For $45 each, you can get one of these fresh new hats, but just know that they won’t be shipping until around May 1st!

Also from Twiztid’s Facebook:

For 1 week only, you can pre order your Twiztid & MNE New Era hats! If you missed out on Black Friday, THIS IS FOR YOU! Guarantee yours now by pre ordering one, two or all 3!

If you missed last night’s episode of The Hookup, you can see it below:

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