Lyte Giving Away “Follow The Lyte” CD and First Psychopathic Jersey

I know that not just some, but ALL of you ninjas like free shit!  So we’ve got an awesome contest to tell you about in case you didn’t see it this morning.

Lyte found a copy of his pre-Psychopathic CD Follow The Lyte and figured he would give it away to a fan.  Then he thought he would sweeten the deal and give away his FIRST EVER PSYCHOPATHIC BASEBALL JERSEY!

That’s a piece of history right there!  So what are the rules?  All you have to do is to post these two pictures, tag Lyte, and tell everyone to Follow the #Monstar and Follow #Lyte in the post!

You can do it on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook which gives you THREE chances to win!

Now, here’s the original post and details. Good luck to all who enter!

from Faygoluvers


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