Juggalos Referenced in Uproxx Suicide Squad 2 Article

If you clicked this link because you’re expecting some epic reference to Juggalos in something super important, boy are you gonna be pissed off at me. It’s not that, really, but it’s something that comes with a slight bit flavor and it does include Juggalos, so we’re goin’ with it here.

Uproxx.com recently released an article titled “This ‘Suicide Squad 2’ Behind The Scenes Photo Is A Huge Spoiler” in which they do spoil some shit about the upcoming Suicide Squad 2 film (for you Harley Quinn fans) but we’re not gonna spoil shit for you!

We’re posting this because at the very end of the article the writer, Caleb Reading makes a quick Juggalo reference.

Check it out:

It looks like Diablo is re-joining the family after all, so you know what that means*starts chanting* FA-MI-LY! FA-MI-LY! *sprays Faygo everywhere*


I guess we had to spoil it for you to get the reference. Sorry n’ shit. If you wanna check out the article you can do that by CLICKING HERE.

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