ICP’s Revamped VIP Packages Now Available for Slamfest Tour!

Alright Juggalos and Juggalettes…my wig is officially flipped!  The VIP Packages for the Slamfest 2018 Tour have been revealed, and they are definitely the best VIP package that Psychopathic Records has ever offered!

First, you can purchase VIP only for $100.00 (if you already have your concert tickets), or buy your general admission tickets + vip package for $125-130 depending on the date!

You can get both of these options at InsaneClownPosse.VIP.

Not only do you get the Meet & Greet, and to go on stage for Faygo Armageddon, but you get ALL of the following:

  • Meet & Greet with Violent J and Shaggy 2 Dope
  • Join the clowns on stage for Faygo Armageddon
  • Slamfest hat pin & Red Fred hat pin
  • 2 Die Cut Stickers (Slamfest / Red Fred)
  • Slamfest 11 x 17 Poster and Red Fred 11 x 17 Poster
  • Red Fred drawstring bag
  • Special CD containing 2 mixes of ICP’s brand new track “Cusswords” (Dr. Punch mix and MEC Mix)
  • Never heard before ICP song not available on anything or anywhere in the world: “Hair Up!”

This is a HUGE step up compared to recent tours!  Just remember that NOTHING is shipped, so you’ll have to go to the merch table after you purchase it to get all of your flavor and instructions on where to go for the meet & greet as well as Faygo armageddon.

Grab your tickets NOW at InsaneClownPosse.VIP!

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