Horrorcore Rapper MARS Stabbed after 9Quota Awards and in Critical Condition

Not long ago, the homies from Force 5 Records dropped me an email that really shook me.  The brief email was sent to me as follows:

After the 9Quota awards, Mars was involved in a fight with a group of people and was stabbed. He was rushed to the hospital to undergo surgery and remains in critical condition. He is in our prayers.

He won best hip hop single for Creatures Of The Night featuring Twiztid and Tech N9ne at the awards.

Force 5 is based out of Wisconsin, so they are going by what Mars’ girlfriend has been texting them.

I reached out to Kung Fu Vampire who is homies with Mars to see if he could get any updates, and he only echoed that it was true according to Mars girlfriend, and that he is expected to survive.

Just minutes ago, I received a follow-up email from Force 5 saying:

You can report it and ask people to send their love or prayers. He’s in critical condition. We don’t know much info because he’s in California just what his girlfriend updates us with. Stab wound to the abdomen and he has tubes. They had to make an exploratory incision too. That’s all we know so far.

Juggalos and Juggalettes, we will keep you posted on the situation and bring you any updates that we receive as soon as we get them.

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