Football Jerseys, Joker’s Card Shirts, Bandanas Added to

One of our registered FLH users brought to our attention that has been updated with some all new flavor!  These items include, but are not limited to bandanas, Joker’s Card T-shirts, and Football Jerseys!

There’s something for everybody over there! You can get a throwback T-shirt of one of the original 6 Joker’s cards, the bandanas include 2 variations of The Riddlebox, a Carnival of Carnage, and even a new Fearless Fred Fury!  You’ve even got the long-awaited return of Football jerseys including Milenko, Hatchetman (in different colors), and the HatchetGirl! Check out some screen shots below:

You can peruse what they’ve got to offer by hitting up!

from Faygoluvers


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