Deuce – “Invincible”

Do you love your hip-hop being drenched with motivational rhyme schemes that are so powerful, it could very well give an entire neighborhood a reason to riot in the streets when the record starts thumping? And what about straight to your face addicting modern rock mixed with soaring hip-hop hooks that promises to put listeners in such a great mood, their smile would shine so bright, that even if the sun were alive, it’d have to wear shades!? Who even has this type of content?! Well, the answer is California’s Deuce! Deuce’s Invincible is finally available, and it’s the type of record to play when you finally get the strength to acutely conquer your dreams!

The Invincible LP is Deuce simply not giving a shit about what online keyboard warriors think by ignoring every hater in his path and making sure his lyrical content is top notch, while also proving his flow will lyrically implode the brains of faux emcees globally. The record starts by drop-kicking fans in the face with the rapper’s energetic single “Here I Come”; a track that could serve as a twelve hour work out anthem to building a positive mind and healthy body. With that type of lyrical ability, rhyme slayers worldwide will be in dire need of leveling up their emcee skills, because “Here I Come” just straight up slaughters everyone who decided to hop on the mic in the last five years, thanks to the track’s straightforward, over the top, attitude!

The most personal track on the album is the furious, bash your teeth in, punk rocker composition “Pull Me Under”! Deuce just lets loose emotionally, as if while he was recording this Black Flag influenced track inside the studio, he ripped out his own heart from his chest and watched it stop beating in front of him, and then somehow slid his heart back in after a few hits from a defibrillator. Yes, that emotional! The screams contained within this track are brutal and anyone who dares try to scream along are bound to have their vocal cords start bleeding! “Pull Me Under” superbly finishes off Invincible and will leave listeners foaming from the mouth begging for more content!

Overall, Deuce should be extremely proud of himself for putting together such an awe-inspiring record. Every track just makes you want to get up, move, and accomplish positive goals in your life! Fans of Deuce should not sleep on this record one bit! Each track brings a unique flavor and just grabs hold of the musical soul for the better!

Other Major Highlights include; “Catch Me If You Can”, “Bitch This Is It”, “Thank You”, “Gone Tomorrow Here Today” and “Invincible”

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