Travisty Completes A Full Year of Weekly Tracks and Vows Not to Stop

A year ago, underground Indy rapper Travisty set out to do what many have tried (and mostly failed) to do.  That is to put out one brand new track per week (writing, recording, mixing, mastering) for an entire year!  He calls this New Track Tuesdays, and he is about to hit Week 52 to complete the year.

When he hits that, he doesn’t plan on stopping.  Doing this has brought his channel to a personal goal for him of over 100,000 views, and he recently played the Hard Rock in Vegas because of the series.

He has reached out to Guinness to see if there is some sort of record to aim for.

You can hear some of his personal favorite pics below:

If you want to follow along, or listen to the previous 51 tracks, check out his New Track Tuesdays Playlist @ Youtube!

Don’t forget to check out to keep up with the latest from him!

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