Skull Kidz – “Scary Terry” [Official Music Video]

Filmed and Edited by SLG Visuals
Beat Produced by Buddha (Buddha Beatz)
Track Engineered by Brian Stringer (Headshot Louie) Sup Kidz?!? Here’s our BRAND NEW video for our BRAND NEW single ‘Scary Terry’ on our BRAND NEW album “The Second Coming” set to be released early on in 2018; In the meantime, hit play and vibe out to this tasty little jam! VIEWER DISCRECTION IS ADVISED, NO HATERS WERE HARMED MAKING THIS FILM. A Special Thanks To: Brian Stringer (Headshot Louie), Amanda Hill, Cody (SLG/FINESSEDA$WAGG), Anthony “BEANZ” Phillips, Karnie & Kate Arthur, and last but not least, Josh Kilzer & Fam for letting us use your property!

from Faygoluvers


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