MNE’s “Year of the Sword” Billboard Numbers Revealed

Wow. I gotta say that no matter what the Billboard numbers say, this album was absolutely the bomb. I’m talking about “Twiztid Presents: Year of the Sword.” The first compilation album dropped from Majik Ninja Entertainment. Every artist that suddenly popped onto a track and made that first big entrance onto the album was dope as hell. I honestly hope they follow up with another “Year of…” album next year. But this isn’t an album review.

Let’s check out the numbers.

  • #3 on the Top Independent Albums Chart
  • #81 on the Top 200 Albums Chart
  • #34 on the Top R&B and Hip-Hop Albums Chart
  • #25 on the Top Rap Albums Chart

Very dope! Honestly better than I was expecting for a compilation album. Congrats to those Majik Ninjas!

If you haven’t, pick up the album, ninja. I suggest a website I shop at called

from Faygoluvers


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