How To Convince Your Hookup To Wear A Condom—Even When High

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Marijuana is the sexiest. Don’t believe us? Just try searching #PotPorn on Instagram. Still not convinced? Well, did you know that this very own magazine, High Times, was intended as one-off satire of Playboy, substituting pot for naked women, back in 1974. People liked it so much that we’re still publishing 43 years and over 500 issues later. Yes, our lady Mary Jane quite obviously goes hand-in-hand with sex. 

That’s why High Times has been supplying you with our weekly Stoner Sex column for the past four years—courtesy of former adult film star and cannabis advocate Hyapatia Lee. Each week, Hyapatia answers your burning questions regarding stoner sexuality, and today’s column hits on everything from genital piercing to wearing condoms.

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Dear Hyapatia,

My boyfriend is into piercing. He has a Prince Albert, and I am thinking about piercing my labia. He wants me to pierce my clit, but that sounds too intense for me. Have you ever met anyone with a pierced clitoris? If so, how did they feel about it? Was it painful?

— Connie

Dear Connie,

I did know two women who had pierced clitorises. They said it hurt a bit to pierce, of course, but that they really enjoyed it. I thought it would be too painful for me; my clitoris is very sensitive. They said that they were very happy with it and enjoyed it immensely. Keep in mind that this is just two experiences, and there may be others that are different. Anyone care to add their experience below? I would only make one suggestion: Make sure to go to a reputable person to have it done. You wouldn’t want an infection there!

Dear Hyapatia,

I have a great sex life. My lady and I are like two rabbits in bed. We fuck all the time. We like to watch sex movies and that makes us so horny, we just have to join in. She noticed the other day that some guys in the movies shave their chests and shit. Is this really a common thing? It seems stupid to me. What do you think about it?

— Cassedy

Dear Cassedy

Some women like it a lot. I like some manscaping, but shaving off everything is overdoing it in my opinion. Just as many guys like women to shave their legs, some women prefer a man who does not have an overly hairy back or whatever. Some men shave to make their dick look bigger. It works! Many bodybuilders shave to better show their muscles, and a large number of male actors are into bodybuilding to make themselves looks as good as they can. This may be what started the trend.

Dear Hyapatia,

I am a single woman, and I prefer that guys wear condoms when I have sex with them. I have a hard time getting guys to use them. They say it doesn’t feel the same and that they don’t come as hard. I usually end up giving in. How can I get them to wear a condom?

— Delacy

Dear Delacy,

Hold your ground. It may not feel as good as without a condom, but it sure as hell feels better than not having sex at all. Be willing to say no. If they see you are ready to say no to sex if they don’t wear a condom, they will probably succumb. Explain to them all the unwanted side-effects of not wearing a condom: they don’t know where you have been, they don’t want a baby, some sexually transmitted diseases are incurable, etc. If you just keep talking, eventually you will wear them down—either literally or figuratively. 

Dear Hyapatia,

My girlfriend is the sweetest thing, she is really good to me. She treats me like a king. I have no complaints at all. She is beautiful, has a perfect figure. We have a great time sexually, and we have sex almost every day. She is enthusiastic in bed. When she gives head, though, it is not like other girls have done. She licks it and puts it in her mouth and stuff, but she does not suck. I still enjoy it OK and all. I just wish I could explain to her how to do it. She is not into porn, and I don’t need it so we never watch stuff like that, so I can’t show her. Do you have a way to explain this to her?

— Mike

Dear Mike,

You could try telling her to suck it like she is sucking on a lollipop or a popsicle. Have you ever gone to a sex shop? You wouldn’t have to buy anything or watch any movies, just show her how a woman’s cheeks go in when she is sucking. The very expression “sucking cock” explains it pretty well. Show her a dick pump and how it works to create a vacuum. This should help her get the picture. Keep in mind that she may already know this but just feels uncomfortable doing it for whatever reason.

The post How To Convince Your Hookup To Wear A Condom—Even When High appeared first on High Times.


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