Bukshot Interviewed on Speakin’ Easy Podcast

The homie Bukshot recently took part in an episode of the Speakin’ Easy Podcast.  This is episode 4 of the relatively new series, and they dive into a TON of different topics during their nearly 90 minute conversation!

Buk covers his new album Weirdo, they talk conspiracy theories, and tons more! Check out the description below.

From Stitcher.com:


Louisville hip hop legend, Bukshot stops by to discuss his latest album “Weirdo.” We also dive into conspiracy theories, his habitual slapping problem, his relationship with Tech N9NE and much much more. Bukshot also calls Demi(from Villebillies) to confront him about always spelling his name wrong. Had a good time with the big homie.

You can hear the full 87 minute episode here:

from Faygoluvers


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