A New Year’s Eve Message from Psychopathic Records

Over at InsaneClownPosse.com and across the board on their social media, Psychopathic Records has released a message to the Juggalo World on the final day of ’17.

Peep the flavor straight from ICP’s website. It’s fucking crazy to look back on all this flavor that dropped like a Faygo bomb this past year!

A New Years Message From InsaneClownPosse.com:


On the final day of grand jubilee year of ’17, the year of the Juggalo Family, we here at Psychopathic Records are filled with gratitude, appreciation, and mad clown love for all the Juggalo Family has brought us in this diamond-studded amazing year. What was your favorite moment of ’17? Juggalo Day in Florida, The Tunnel of Love XXX Show, Juggalo Prom Night, The Amazing Jeckel Bros Live, The First Ever Dark Carnival Games Con, The Debut of the ultimate Juggalo party game, Juggalos Against Sanity and the Terrible Expansion, ICP’s Double EP Show, with Beverly Kills and The Terror Wheel, THE JUGGALO MARCH ON WASHINGTON!!!!, GOTJ in OKC, The Shangri-La Show, The Biggest Hallowicked To Date, with the All-Day All-Night Psychopathic 17 Spooktacular, The Carnival of Carnage Show, ICP’s Spray the UK Tour, The Great Milenko Tour, Canadian Juggalo Weekend, The Biggest Ballas You Ever Seen in Nashville TN Christmas Party, the grand finale of ICP’s massive Riddlebox Tour, the release of S2D’s highly anticipated F.T.F.O.M.F., the debut of Lyte’s Psychopathic Monstar, the Violent J and Shaggy 2 Dope solo tours, the debut of Ouija, a grand total of 7 Music Videos and 2 Psyphers, the debut of Psychopathic TV and the Sex Files Show, the debut of the all-new Psychopathic Merch, ICP’s Waxworx collection of ultra rare vinyl, and to cap it all off, the UNVEILING OF THE NEW JOKERS CARD: FEARLESS FRED FURY! Here we come 2018! Psychopathic Records is ready for the dawn of a new era, and it is about to get FURIOUS!!!! We love you, Juggalos! Let the final days of 17 shine on in our hearts and souls forever! #BewareFFF

What was your favorite moment of 17? Comment below! And Happy New Year from all your homies at FLH!

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