A Memorial for Evan “Duhmonic” Incelli

Our homie Æquitas hit us up with some info about a close personal homie of his who passed away last month.  He reached out a few weeks ago, but wanted to get some things in order before making the memorial public.

In short, Evan “Duhmonic” Incelli was a part of the horrorcore scene, and had a few projects in the works before his untimely passing due to a car accident.  Take a look at what Æquitas had to say about Evan, and then give his music a listen in his honor.

Evan Incelli known by many as Duhmonic, Sick-E, or E-Bomb, was an avid follower of underground music and a juggalo for the majority of his life. Evan would go on to hit the horrorcore music scene himself in 2009 with his debut EP “Monsters” under his original artist name “Sick-E”. In 2010, Evan met fellow horrorcore rapper Aequitas and teamed up with him to form the horrorcore duo known as “The Demonic Die-Archy”, later changed to “The DieArchy.” Late 2012, into 2013 Evan changed his rap name to Duhmonic and signed to G-DUB records where he released 2 solo albums titled “Bone Collector” & “Lucky Me”. The following year, Evan would go on to become a member of the rap super group Dogs Of God with Aequitas, AdotWAKE, Mark Rottin, D-RaNGD, & Politicize. Evan would continue to come in and out of the hip hop scene for the next few years releasing singles as well as being featured on many underground projects from other artists. In 2016 Evan decided to change his artist name to “E-Bomb”.

Evan passed away on November 11th, 2017 in a fatal car accident at the age of 25.  Evan, aka Duhmonic, aka Sick-E, aka E-Bomb was an exceptionally talented artist taken from us far too early, who will be sorely missed by many…

Evan’s deepest & truest passion was creating music to share with the world so we decided to share his final collection of unreleased solo tracks that he was working on over the past few years for an album he wanted to call “Mr. Yuk.”

Also a new compilation of all of Evan’s featured and single tracks over the years has been put together in a mixtape titled “Doctrines of Duhmonic”, available now for FREE along with the rest of his discography at his site below.

Evan’s memory & music will continue to live on in all of us for years to come.

RIP homie.

You can hear ALL of Evan’s music for FREE at Duhmonic.Bandcamp.com.  Find more about Evan at Facebook.com/Duhmonic!

Our condolences on this tragic loss, and much love and respect to Evan’s friends and family.

from Faygoluvers


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