Washington Juggalo Fights Gang Allegation During Trial

Here’s another article showing the world exactly what we marched for.  A Washington Juggalo named Steven Dodds was arrested on a burglary charge and is now on trial for it.  While what he attempted to do is wrong by almost anyone’s standards, the prosecuting attorney wants to DOUBLE HIS BAIL and lock him back up all because of the fact that he identifies as a Juggalo.

We’ll have to see whether that holds up or not, but it’s just one more case of misappropriated discrimination.  You can see the full article below:

From Chronline.com:

Prosecutor Alleges ‘Juggalo’ Affiliation for Suspect in Winlock Burglary

Allegations: Steven E. Dodds Allegedly Doused the Porch of a Winlock Home With Lighter Fluid

While he has no previous criminal history, the Lewis County Prosecutor’s Office argued Tuesday that a Winlock burglary suspect presented a risk to community safety due to alleged ties to the Juggalos.

The alleged victims “are very concerned about the safety of the people in this particular housing development,” said Chief Criminal deputy Brad Meagher on Tuesday.

Steven E. Dodds, 18, of Winlock, was arrested early Sunday morning after being found allegedly using a hammer to try to break a door handle at a residence on Northwest Kerron Avenue.

According to court documents, Dodds was disoriented and intoxicated when arrested. He also allegedly sprayed lighter fluid on the home’s porch with the intent of starting a fire to warm himself, a victim told police, according to court documents.

Dodds made his first appearance Monday in Lewis County Superior Court, but prosecutors asked for another day to file charges. He was released on $5,000 unsecured bail after family members pledged to get him to court the following day.

“I’m hearing a lot of accusations with absolutely no basis,” Defense attorney Rachael Tiller said Wednesday about the allegations of gang affiliation. “It’s just a lot of finger pointing.”

On Tuesday afternoon, Dodds was charged with second-degree burglary.

While on Monday Meagher said he wasn’t sure if the allegations warranted a second-degree burglary charge, on Tuesday he said police confirmed Dodds would have had to enter a secured and fenced area to access the property.

Meagher asked for increased bail of $10,000 and for Dodds to be taken back into custody Tuesday, citing new information about the suspect’s alleged ties to the Juggalos — a term used to describe fans of the band Insane Clown Posse, which has been identified by the Federal Bureau of Investigation as a gang.

“What has changed from yesterday (is) the perception that this may have been an inadvertent trespassing, as opposed to what we know now,” Meagher said.

He added that Dodds has previously been accused of trespassing in the neighborhood.

“These folks are afraid of him,” he said.

Tiller argued against the increased bail. Superior Court Judge Joely O’Rourke maintained Dodds’ unsecured bail but required it had to be cosigned by his mother. He will also have a curfew and other conditions of his release.

His next court hearing is scheduled for Thursday.

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