Psychopathic TV Remembers Europathic [Listen Here!]

Last night’s episode of Psychopathic TV is one that you should NOT have missed!  And luckily for you, they reposted it so that you can hear it all in case you weren’t listening live!

Jumpsteady was in studio with former Psychopathic Records employees Brian Debler (Netmaster Gordon), and Tom 2.  He had a ninja named Paul “ATF” Barkley on the phone from the UK who was a big part of the Europathic movement in 2003-04!

It’s been 13-14 years since Europathic folded…some of you ninjas reading this weren’t even born yet!

Everyone speaks pretty fondly of their memories of Europathic, and it was fresh to hear them talk about their experiences in the UK for nearly 2 hours.  You can hear it all below:

from Faygoluvers


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