MNE’s “Year Of The Sword” Bonus Disc Track List Revealed! [Faygoluvers Exclusive]

A few minutes ago, I reached out to George of Majik Ninja Entertainment for some clarification on the Year Of The Sword album that’s set to drop on December 1st.  He said that EVERY ALBUM will contain 2 CDs.  One will be the official album which has GOT to fill the CD up close to its 80 minute capacity. You’ve seen that track list before, but I’ll show it to you again:

Official Track List:

  1. Test Of Time (intro)
  2. Heads Will Roll (Gorilla Voltage & Jamie Madrox)
  3. Turn It Up (Jamie Madrox, Blaze, Lex & Bonez Dubb)
  4. Fucked (The R.O.C., Boondox & Gorilla Voltage)
  5. Level Up (skit 1)
  6. Their Fault (Jamie Madrox & Young Wicked)
  7. Ignite (The R.O.C., Mr. Grey, Monoxide, Blaze & King Gordy)
  8. Cut Em Up (Young Wicked & Twiztid)
  9. Lights Out (Twiztid, G-Mo Skee & Mr. Grey)
  10. Harassment (skit 2)
  11. Don’t Fuck Wit Us (Twiztid, The R.O.C., Lex & Clockworc)
  12. Better Than Ever B4 (Twiztid, Blaze, Lex, G-Mo Skee & AMB)
  13. Flix N’ Chill (Young Wicked, Blaze & Twiztid)
  14. Get High (Young Wicked, Mr. Grey, Twiztid, Blaze, Bonez Dubb & LARS)
  15. Galaxy (G-Mo Skee, King Gordy & Jamie Madrox)
  16. Don’t Tell Me (Twiztid, King Gordy & Boondox)
  17. Summon The Majik Ninja (skit 3)
  18. B.N.U. (Jamie Madrox, G-Mo Skee, Bonez Dub, Gorilla Voltage, Blaze, Young Wicked, & LARS)
  19. Did You Unplug It? (outro)

Now MNE has been pretty secretive about the contents of the 2nd disc…until now!  George hooked it up with  the track list of the Year Of The Sword Bonus Disc that you will receive with the already jam-packed album:

  1. L.A.R.S. – “It’s A Hold Up”
  2. Gorilla Voltage – “Chaos Incarnate”
  3. G-Mo Skee – “When I Get On”
  4. Boondox – “Twenty-Seven”
  5. Lex The Hex Master – “Beast”
  6. Blaze Ya Dead Homie – “The Trunk”
  7. Axe Murder Boyz- “Grindin'”
  8. The R.O.C. – “They Shall Believe”
  9. Twiztid – “Time Bomb”

The only track that you may have already heard before is “Beast” from Lex The Hex Master which made it onto his recently released Beyond Redemption LP.  Other than that, it’s nearly a whole other album of new music!

If you haven’t yet, make sure to get your pre-order on here:

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