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    Welcome back Faygoluver’s family, this time we bring the man known as Jinz Moss all the way from New Zealand. That’s right he’s all the way from down under and he’s making a comeback in the underground scene. We get a chance to discuss his upcoming release, the latest happenings with the Fight Music crew, life and a little release coming soon… the Faygoluvers’ Underground Spotlight Mixtape.

    So, sit back and get ready…

    Johnny O: Although I’m a fan of yours and the whole Fight Music crew, can you give us a little introduction for those who may not be familiar with you or your work?

    Jinz Moss: Bonjour! And thanks for the interest in the movement! I’m a UK hip hop artist currently residing in New Zealand. Signed with FIGHT MUSIC Records.

    JO: How would you describe your own style of music and what separates you from other artists out there?

    JM: I would describe the stuff I do as highly poetry centerd. I try to keep the materiel as biographical as possible and as far away from rapping about rapping as I can. That’s just the hip hop I gravitate towards so I make mine in a similar fashion. I guess by default if it’s biographical its different to others but I like to think the immigary and vocabulary I use is unlike most.

    JO: As an Australian, I have to ask what the music scene is like for you in that part of the world?

    JM: The music scene here in New Zealand has been fruitful to say the least. I’ve not been here long and have connected with a lot of talented people. I’ll be here for a while too so looking forward to getting some work underway with the talent here.

    JO: Is reaching an international fan base a major priority for you or is not something you really think about?

    JM: Yes 100%. It’s paramount to a lucrative career in this genre. It’s foolish to box yourself in. We are at a time now where countries are more accepting of difference and new sounds so it’s perfect timing to branch out.

    JO: I personally have been a fan of the Fight Music crew for quite awhile, but can you tell us what it’s like working with artists like TheViking N3 and the whole family over there?

    JM: It’s always been such a privilege to work with FIGHT MUSIC Records. They’re more my surrogate family than a label. The Viking is an incredibly driven and talented human being and Rhys (Co Founder) is an inspiration on a day to day basis.

    JO: Aside from everyone else, what has the reception for your own music been like in your area?

    JM: I’ve been welcomed with open arms here in Wellington. I’ve been lucky enough to meet a 10 piece live hip hop band called Raw Collective who I’ve played some huge festivals with. And I feel that over the next 6 months I’ll cultivate a substantial enough fan base here to succeed.

    JO: I know you’ve been around for awhile, but you’re coming back from a little break. What prompted this hiatus of sorts and how does it feel to be putting out music again?

    JM: Yes I have been on a break. Not necessarily a planned one either. My Australian visa ran out so had to move back to London, England. Things basically unraveled pretty quickly from there. Cocaine is the crux of it. But I’m all clear again now with a new project under my belt set for release in the next few months. It feels like a huge relief to be back in action.

    JO: How would say your new music compares to previous releases?

    JM: This new stuff is still of a similar ilk to my last release but technically and lyrically far superior. It’s just an all round level up for me as an artist and I promise myself to do the same on every project. Just try to improve. It does have a few beats people may not have placed me with but I’m trying to experiment more too.

    JO: What can fans expect in the near future from Jinz Moss?

    JM: Well as I said there is a mixtape I’ve been working on for a while, that is set for release in a few months time. I’m touring New Zealand with a hip hop act called Raw Collective. Videos accompanying the mixtape are in the works too so loads on the way.

    JO: I’m currently putting together an Underground Spotlight mixtape that will feature some of the best artists I’ve had the privilege to interview. I’m happy and honored to officially announce that you will be providing a track for this, can you tell us anything about it?

    JM: Yes I can !! The track is a FIGHT MUSIC cypher consisting of The Viking N3, myself and our newest artist that’s yet to be announced. We linked up earlier this year in the jungle in Byron Bay to put it together. Healthy competition in this one so all bringing our best work to the table.

    JO: Now let’s say you had the chance to reach out to any artist for a collaboration, who would it be?

    JM: I think I’d work with Joey Bada$$ he’s the artist I listen to the most. I like all his work, he’s one of the few with a flawless catalogue.

    JO: So where can new fans find you online?

    JM: Facebook page is under Jinz Moss

    Twitter is JinzOfficial

    Instagram is jinz_moss

    YouTube they’re best to subscribe to FIGHT MUSIC as my videos are on there and the website is www.fightmusic.co

    JO: Who would you say have been your biggest musical influences over the years?

    JM: I’ve had so many over the years. I’d say right now my sound is quite Jam Baxter influenced. MGK is a big influence on me as is Joey Badass, Mic Righteous too. So many man there’s so much brilliant hip hop out right now it’s crazy.

    JO: I know you also have those people in your life that keep you going when things get rough, who would you say keeps you motivated and moving?

    JM: It’s souly The Viking and Rhys. No one motivates me more than these two. If you’re not working at 5000 percent you’ll be left behind. I mean that in a good way. They help with advice, criticism, strategizing releases, personal issues. They really are the drive in me. Forever grateful to be a part of that team.

    JO: If we were with you right now, who would we catch you listening to?

    JM: Myself.. hahaha not in a narcissistic way just for rehearsals for a radio slot tonight.

    JO: Is there anything else you’d like to say to the Faygoluvers family?

    JM: I’d like to say another thanks for having me here. And I hope all the followers you guys have are in to the track. Look forward to the mixtape from you too.

    JO: Before we end this thing officially, who would you like to give some shout outs to?

    JM: Shout outs to my FIGHT MUSIC fam, Raw Collective, My family and friends and that’s it really. And to anyone who read this and listening to the track. Big ups and catch you next time.

    Okay, that we unfortunately wrap up another brand new edition of the Faygoluvers’ Underground Spotlight. I want to thank Jinx Moss, Rhys, The Viking N3 and the entire Fight Music family. I can’t praise these amazingly hard working, dedicated and overall all great people enough. Be sure to keep an out for the latest from the whole crew and check out the links above or below. Also, be on the lookout for the up coming release from Jinz Moss and the Fayglovers’ Underground Spotlight mixtape (which is coming soon).

    Now before I officially sign off, as always if you would like to be featured right here on the Underground Spotlight or possibly a part of the mixtape, shoot me an e-mail at JohnnyO@faygoluvers.net. Make sure to include a short bio, why you would like to/should be featured, a track or two and a couple of pics. Of course, don’t forget to include UGS or something similar in the subject line. So, until next time…


    Johnny O. 



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