ICP Thanks UK Juggalos: Announces Plans for Juggalo Weekend UK!

Over on ICP’s Facebook, a message was posted up thanking UK Juggalos for the success of the Spray the UK tour, which wrapped up last week with back-to-back shows in Birmingham and Manchester.

In addition, the clowns hint at plans for another UK tour in 2018 to 2019, along with the debut of…drumroll please…

The premier of the 1st ever JUGGALO WEEKEND UK!

Here’s the message straight from ICP’s facebook:

UK Juggalos,

We’re so sorry that it took so long to return! It was fuckin amazing to see the Juggalo Love over seas not only remains intact but it has actually doubled or trippled in size. We’re so grateful and appreciative that you ninjas hung on strong. Instead of straying and giving up on us you spread your clown love even farther. It’s hard to imagine fan support so loyal and true, but there you are – the real deal!

We thank you, we love you immensely and we promise to return if not in ’18, most definitely in ’19. We’ll be back to premier the 1st ever Juggalo Weekend UK and without question we’ll bring a hurricane of DIAMOND RAIN. We promise an event so special that it’s never been seen by Juggalos anywhere. We have a new profound appreciation and respect for UK ninjas and you can bet we’re gonna flex that. You’ve showed us an epic level of love and now its our turn to do the same for you…

Clown Love fam! See you soon!!! – ICP

WOW! I don’t know about y’all but I’m definitely going to hit that up and keep my ears to the ground for more details. A British Juggalo Mini-Gathering Weekend in ’18/’19? Bout that life…

We’ll keep you posted when more details are revealed!

from Faygoluvers


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