Farris The Juggalawyer Speaks on the FBI, Juggalos, Meeting Violent J and More on The Faygoluvers Podcast

Ninjas. We have a guest on this episode of the podcast that I consider to be very important to Juggalo culture. I’m talkin’ about Farris Haddad the Juggalawyer that’s been representing Juggalos and the Insane Clown Posse in this case against the FBI’s labeling us as a gang. In this interview Farris and I speak on the lawsuit from the very beginning until now. We also speak on how he initially met Violent J, the first time he heard ICP, Juggalos and a whole lot more! There may be a lot of details in this interview that a lot of Juggalos are not familiar with. Definitely tune in for that.

Also on this episode we have our homie, OG Lotus member Marz joining us. Marz speaks on Violent J mentioning him in the music video ICP released earlier this year for the track 6 Foot 7 Foot (7 Foot 8 Foot). He also speaks on releasing 3 albums this year, including his new release “Thrive” and his video teaching series he now has on YouTube. Tune in to hear that.

In the news portion of this episode we have a lot of Halloween updates and the 4th Joker’s Card of the 2nd deck.

This is episode #26, ninjas, so we’re halfway to episode #52… which means nothing.

You can check out the episode by CLICKING HERE or check out the player below:

Host: Rosco
Guest: Farris the Juggalawyer
Segment Guest: Marz
Written by: Rosco, Scottie D, Punk Rock Juggalo & Rachel Paul
Edited by: Rosco
Original Music by: King Lucem Ferre

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