Europathic Episode of Psychopathic TV Airs Tonight @ 8 PM EST!

If you’re a Juggalo in the UK, then you’ve got a LOT to be excited about!  Next week, the Insane Clown Posse along with Big Hoodoo and Lyte will join Mushroomhead for Psychopathic’s first European tour in over 14 years!

To celebrate that, tonight’s episode of Psychopathic TV will feature a commemorative episode all about the history of Psychopathic Europe!  They will have Jumpsteady, Tom2, and Paul “ATF” Barkley in studio LIVE from the UK!  Set your clocks for tonight and make sure to tune in to!

Here’s a little bit of hype for the episode from the ICP Facebook:


In the Spirit of ’17, ICP, Lyte, Hoodoo, Ouija, and very special guests Mushroomhead are about to SPRAY THE U.K. down with sugary, sticky Detroit Faygo Bliss, in a massive, transcontinental European tour that you bloody know you don’t want to miss! And in honor of this epic occasion, we bringing you some throwback, special podcast flavor detailing ICP’s long history in the UK. We’re talkin ’bout an ultra throwback special coming straight at you on Psychopathic TV. A one-time special podcast: “THE LOST HISTORY OF PSYCHOPATHIC EUROPE“! Learn about the days of Psychopathic’s UK office based in Bedford, England, with the ninjas who lived it, repping the hatchet in uncharted territory and foreign lands. You don’t want to miss this, ninjas and ninjettes! Tune in THURSDAY 11/9 AT 8PM EST for tea and Faygo crumpets with your homies from the very helm of Europathic: Jumpsteady, Tom 2, and Paul ATF Barkley reppin the UK Juggalo fam! Get schooled with throwback flavor as we delve into hatchet history! All will be revealed. It’s the Lost History of Psychopathic Europe Super Seventeenin’ Special on Psychopathic TV!
This is an episode that you’re NOT going to want to miss out on!   Don’t forget!!!!

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