Does Smoking Pot Affect The Taste Sperm?

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It’s no secret that marijuana and makin’ love go together. That’s why High Times has been supplying you with our weekly Stoner Sex column for the past four years—courtesy of former adult film star and cannabis advocate Hyapatia Lee. Each week, Hyapatia answers your burning questions regarding stoner sexuality, and today’s column hits on everything from the taste of sperm to performance pressure.

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Hey Hyapatia,

I heard that men who smoke pot have sperm that tastes different from guys who don’t.  Different how?

— Sarina 

Dear Sarina,

I have never heard of that, so I couldn’t say how it would be different. Speaking as one who has had some experience, I have never noticed a difference.


My girl and I went over to her house where she lives with her girlfriend. We were getting high and shit and all of a sudden, she jumps up, takes off her shirt and says “Let’s have a three-way!”  Her girlfriend/roommate wasn’t surprised; they must have planned this out, and it went real quick from being the highest I have ever been to “Holy shit! I got two girls on me!” They had my dick out, and I am embarrassed to say it took me a while to get with it… if you know what I mean. I don’t know why! I was very excited and all. Could it be the weed?

— Jack

Dear Jack,

I think it is more likely the pressure to perform all of a sudden. I wouldn’t worry about it a bit. Taking just a little extra time is nothing to worry about. It happens to everyone. Really.

Dear Hyapatia,

My boyfriend comes really quick. I feel bad for him, and I don’t want him to know I am talking about him so I am withholding my name. I am 18 and he is too. Someone told me it was because we were both so young. Is that true? If so, when will it change? The pot doesn’t have anything to do with it, does it?

— Name Withheld

Dear Name Withheld,

I also believe it is because you are both so young. As you have more and more sex, it will be easier for him to keep from coming so soon. It will also be easier for you to come faster. It is hard to say exactly when these changes will take place. It is different for everyone. Just be patient. Try going for a second round of sex within a few hours of the last one (or sooner) to help him last longer. And no, the pot has nothing to do with it.


My girlfriend and I have great sex all the time. It is never boring. The only thing is that she doesn’t come when I go down on her. I work down there like crazy, and still no fireworks. What am I doing wrong?

— Barry

Dear Barry,

Some women just can’t come from oral sex. They take a different type of stimulation to make them climax. Some women have a hard time coming during sexual intercourse. Each woman is different and what may work for one may be the opposite of what another woman needs. Men are the same way but to a much lesser extent. It is up to us, as lovers, to find out what makes our loved-ones tick and ring the bell. If oral sex doesn’t do it for her, try something else. Use your fingers on her clitoris. Rub on it, make small circles, vary the pressure and let her reactions guide you.

The post Does Smoking Pot Affect The Taste Sperm? appeared first on High Times.


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