Chapter 17: The Final Chapter of the 20in17 Docu-series titled “Forever” is Now Available!

This is it, Juggalos. The final chapter of the Faygoluvers exclusive docu-series 20in17. Not titled “The End” but titled “Forever.”

I remember Scottie D first hitting me up asking me if I thought it would be cool to release this podcast documenting the last 20 year’s of ICP’s history. I honestly didn’t think it was gonna be that dope but Scottie forwarded me the email and I gave it a shot. Needless to say I was super impressed with what I heard and I knew immediately what Brandon was doing with the series. The title of every chapter in the series was also sent over and I honestly couldn’t wait to hear what was coming next. The rest is history. History about ICP’s history.

This is Chapter 17 of 20in17 featuring your homie and mine, Brandon Ward.

This massive final episode starts out with a clip from Shockumentary as well as ICP appearing on Sway in the Morning and leads into our homie Brandon presenting topics such as some of the Wicked Clown’s accomplishments achieved throughout their career, ICP on Mad TV, ICP on Aqua Teen Hunger Force, ICP on The Soup & Jeopardy simultaneously, ICP on The Simpsons, Funny or Die’s “Juggalo News, ICP on MTV News, Brandon’s top 17 favorite ICP tracks of all time, Halls of Illusions, ICP at the Motor City Music Awards, Juggalo’s thoughts on what being a Juggalo means to them, Brandon’s shout-outs and final words, Forever and more!

You can now check out the entire series, homies! Every chapter of 20in17 is available over at Check that out by CLICKING HERE.

Brandon told me he may be continuing this later on starting with the Inner City Posse era. I said it. This may not be the end, ninjas, but it is for now.

You can check that out by CLICKING HERE.

20in17 is also available on iTunesStitcher RadioSpreaker & Tunein

Check out the entire series below:

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