Alla Xul Elu’s Joey Black Friday Sale is Live; Includes 2 New Versions of the Forever Face Mask

Alla Xul Elu have announced the Joey Black Friday Sale for the Xulmart. They have revealed two new version of the forever face masks, nutnbutt covers, and more.

The sale lasts until Saturday at Check out some photos and various social media posts below.

JOEY BLACK FRIDAY IS livE! Joey has went completely bonkers and marked down a metric fuck ton of prices on XulMart! He’s hacking and slashing our profit margin, but everytime I look into his turtle eyes I can’t help but feel bad for him. Sale lasts until Saturday, so cop you some Xul Gear on the low or forever fuck up! Link to the store in the comments! #LLE #XULmart #GobbleGobble

Brand new NutnButt covers. They are up for pre-order in 3 colors.

Cover your nutnbutts! Pre order available now! Only running these for a few days, so snag a pair while you can! #LLE #NUTNBUTTCOVERS

and finally two new version of the forever face masks


New mask pre orders along with the OG 2.0, now available on XulMart! Bloodspilla and Old Dirt Blasphemy! If you’ve been wanting a Forever Face, now’s the time to score one cheap! All masks are on sale until Saturday. #LLE #ForeverFace #GobbleGobble

from Faygoluvers


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