Acetone Boogie – “The Divine Trickster”

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  1. Slittin’ Necks
  2. Always Schemin’
  3. Poisonous (ft. Izzo)
  4. Go To Hell (ft. Gilgamesh, Murda D)
  5. Havok (ft. 520 Tru)
  6. Burners Over Beats
  7. That Money [skit] (ft. Fat Spencer)
  8. Let ‘Em Know (ft. Flowman Nate, Kasper)
  9. Stealing The Show (ft. Izzo)
  10. Tell Me Thizz Baby (ft. Flowman Nate)
  11. Guess Who’s Calling
  12. Just Die Bitch (ft. Izzo)
  13. Brainfreeze (ft. Krypto)
  14. My Niggas Carry AKs
  15. Beef Over Chicken (ft. Kotton Kandy)
  16. Many Try (ft. Ugly Loc, Flowman Nate, MicMac)
  17. Driving In Circles
  18. I Fucking Love Y’all

from Faygoluvers


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