A Faygoluvers quickie! 10 questions with Deuce (ex member of Hollywood Undead)

Portland based and Los Angeles bred rapper, producer and singer DEUCE has announced that his latest album, Invincible, will be released via Better Noise Records on December 1st. The masked musician is vying for immortality with 14 new tracks, representing his next natural step from his 2012 debut solo album, Nine Lives – which sold 100,000 units, received 33 million views on YouTube, and featured the hit single “America”. Recorded in both Los Angeles and Portland, the recording process brought out polarizing emotions. “The material we did in L.A. was a little angrier,” Deuce explains, “In Portland, it got more mellow and hip-hop. I think you can hear the difference.”
Invincible includes “World On Fire”, “Bitch This Is It”, and the lead single “Here I Come” (out now on Better Noise Records) – which features eerie keys, chugging guitar, and an unshakable hook, “Until I die, I’m never fucking done.”

Invincible can be pre-ordered on iTunes here: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/invincible/id1287777551 (Scottie Can you turn this into a proper link? Thanks) 

Chad Thomas Carsten: For over fifteen years you’ve been pursuing music. What keeps the creative process thriving inside your mind?

Deuce: Life.

CTC: How has music saved you from your own inner demons?

Deuce: I let the rage out. Let’s me express my emotions, gave me an outlet.

CTC: Does your current mask represent your life as it is today?

Deuce: It represents the song and album Invincible

CTC: Are you able to list three things you wish fans and media would stop asking you about?

Deuce: *Laughs* They just ask for new music.

CTC: If you were approached by Bandai Namco of America to license an action figure of yourself, what type of accessories would be included?

Deuce: *Laughs* I dunno, just some tats and dope gear.

CTC: If you had to choose a specific food dish to describe the production inside your upcoming LP Invincible what would it be and why?

Deuce: Probably some expensive sushi! Why, I dunno?! *Laughs*

CTC: Why should your fans and fans of other genres of music alike pay attention to the upcoming release of Invincible?

Deuce: It’s new, got that nine lives flavor.

CTC: Which track from Invincible challenges you the most vocally and is the track  the most personal?

Deuce: “Hell’s Gonna Break Loose”, it’s faster, lot of rhymes, lot of parts, more complex rhythms.

CTC: How satisfied are you with the final outcome of Invincible and was it the hardest record for you to work on through out your entire career?

Deuce: It’s my favorite album, hardest record, it was almost the hardest to record, it took a couple years. They’re all pretty much the same amount of time and work. This one I sat with my guitarist James Kloeppel most of the time actually in the studio and then sometimes even over Skype. *Laughs* Then there were some random songs around that, that came out amazing too. That was pretty much the recording process.


CTC: What do you want to accomplish as a musician in the next five years?

Deuce: Another album, more tours, festivals, and all that.


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