Twiztid speaks on Juggalo March during VIP session and responds on Brunch N Bake

First, I want to lead this post off by saying that I fucking HATE writing about drama.  I tend to avoid it at all costs, but when one of the artists we support respond to some of it, I think that we are obligated to cover it.

This has to do with Twiztid‘s thoughts on the Juggalo March which they’ve been somewhat vocal about.

A few nights ago during a VIP Session on the Mostasteless Tour, a Juggalo recorded his interaction with Madrox and Monoxide who spoke their feelings on the March.  Now the way that the audio was obtained was pretty shady.  I am sure that Twiztid didn’t know that they were being recorded, so I didn’t feel right posting it.  However, this afternoon on the Brunch N Bake, Monoxide and Madrox addressed the issue head-on, and said that if they said it out loud, whether at a meet and greet or wherever, that they meant it, 100%.

So, here’s where we are.  ChildsPlayNinja had the audio sent directly to him, and put up a Youtube video with his commentary which is obviously very biased.

**What CPN Says Does NOT necessarily reflect the views of Faygoluvers or its staff.**

Now that that’s out of the way, you can check out the video and draw your own conclusions.

CPN’s Video of Madrox and Monoxide’s VIP Commentary

You can hear Madrox repeating that “the gang list is a lie” several times, and that it was only an assessment.  Then they speak on some tangents regarding song lyrics, Boondox, and statements that were made at the March that they consider hypocritical.

So again, the way the above audio was obtained wasn’t cool without them knowing about it. I’m sure that if every statement that we made in our daily lives was recorded and dissected, we’d word them differently too.

That brings me to my next video though.  On the Brunch N Bake today, Monoxide answers some of the Facebook chat questions, when he gets to one that asks about the secretly recorded audio.  He says:

This is what I know.  If we say something, we mean it.  That’s it. If you’re here for some kind of apology or something, you’re not gonna get it.  Whatever you’re talking about we said, we meant.

He then starts to speak on the March, saying that we all know how he feels about it, but in short, to prove ANY of the stories of discrimination due to being a Juggalo.  He states that if any of it were true, there would be some documentation.  He also stated that if someone could prove any of this to him, he’d admit to being wrong.  Shortly afterwards, Madrox, obviously heated, comes into the room where Monoxide is brunching and baking and yells:

“It doesn’t exist! All of those documents do not exist! It’s not in the file!  That’s why noone has shown the god damn shit because it doesn’t exist!”

I’m not trying to give you a complete play-by-play because I want you to form your own opinions and hear what they say in the context of the conversation. So with that said, here’s a link to today’s episode of the Brunch N Bake:

Twiztid’s Brunch N Bake – October 11th

That’s all you’re gonna get out of me.  Leave your comments and thoughts below.

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