The Juggalo Love Psypher Debuts Monday, October 30th

The next psypher from Psychopathic Records is set to debut on Monday, October 30th at noon.

The Juggalo Love Psypher features ICP, Hoodoo, Lyte, Ouija, DJ Clay, Carlito, Legz Diamond and more.

Here is what ICP post on their Facebook page:


The Beam of Seventeen keeps on shining with that extra gleam. Step into the ring and prepare to face the champions of the underground as we hit em with a one-two knockout punch in the latest and greatest PSYCHOPATHIC RECORDS PSYPHER, featuring ICP, Hoodoo, Lyte, Ouija, Clay, Carlito, Legz Diamond and the Whole Crew! Debuting Monday 10/30 at NOON! Float like a butterfly, swing like a hatchet…….CHOP!

from Faygoluvers


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