Reason Podcast: The Juggalos are the Forgotten Men and Women of America

This ninja named Cheeto shot us an email shortly after the Juggalo March, and honestly, we may have posted about it already in the March coverage.  But I couldn’t find it, so I figured it was worth a post all on its own.

Basically, a reporter from Reason TV named Paul Detrick went to the Juggalo March, seemingly not knowing ANYTHING about Juggalos. He later went on the Reason Podcast and described Juggalos, in his own words, to an even more clueless host.  They didn’t describe us in the most favorable light, but weren’t exactly negative either.  Check out the description of this 26 minute episode below.


The [Juggalos] have their own language, they have their own leaders, [and] they have their own ways of talking to each other,” says Paul Detrick, who covered the group’s march on Washington last weekend. “They exist in this strange world of their own.”

Who are the Juggalos? In a nutshell, they’re fans of the rap duo Insane Clown Posse and have built a cultural identity around the music. They’re known for wearing clown makeup, hatchet main logos, and greeting each other with “whoop, whoop!” The Juggalos are mostly working class—these are the people “work at Pizza Huts…and gas stations,” says Detrick—and often refer to each other as “family.”

In 2011, the FBI labeled the group a “hybrid gang” in its National Gang Threat Assessment, which has been causing problems for Juggalos with local law enforcement. Last weekend’s march on Washington was a protest against the gang designation.

Detrick, a journalist at Reason, has been covering the group for years, producing a 2014 documentary on the group that was shot at the annual Gathering of the Juggalos, and more recently a profile and interview with Insane Clown Posse.

Nick Gillespie talks with Detrick about Juggalo subculture, the real life legal perils of gang misclassifications, and the meaning of the “hatchet man” logo.

Listen to the full podcast here:

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