Nick Principe has been Removed from Rock and Shock [Thanks to Juggalos!]

If you didn’t already read our previous post about the despicable comments that Nick Principe made about Juggalos, you should probably do so by clicking here.

Even though those comments were said on his private Facebook page, people should be held accountable for their words and actions, right?  Well, thanks to some people in the industry who love Juggalos, Nick Principe and his band The Last Day are NO LONGER BOOKED AT ROCK AND SHOCK! He’s also been blacklisted by media outlets and other events as well.

Now, let me tell you a little about how this all happened.

After the post from last night got shared hundreds of times, I reached out to George Vlahakis of Majik Ninja Entertainment to see if he had seen it.  They would be in the same building next weekend, so I figured it was something that MNE needed to know about.

He said that they DID see the post, and were outraged by Nick’s comments.  Nick had even said that he was “friends with Twisted (sic)” while defending his bad joke on Facebook posts.  You can trust me when I say that they don’t consider him a “friend”, and George told me that they were going to do everything in their power to make sure this guy wasn’t at Rock and Shock.  So, he contacted the event organizer in the middle of the night and told them what was happening.  After a few back and forths, Nick Principe was officially removed from the bill.  The flyers at will be updated soon.

George Vlahakis had this to say:

It disgusts me that this gentleman thought it was funny or appropriate to wish harm on our Juggalo Family.  Fuck him for that

My sentiments exactly.

Also, I posted a reply to his public post at the Nick Principe Fan Page before he removed it saying that Juggalos are EVERYWHERE. If he didn’t cut the shit out, he’d be blacklisted from several different outlets and events.  He said that if Juggalos were involved, then he didn’t want to have anything to do with the event anyways.  Be careful what you wish for!

I don’t know why this guy would talk shit on us when SO MANY of us go to these conventions that he’s a part of.  I mean Juggalos and horror movies go hand-in-hand.

So in conclusion, thank you to ALL of the Juggalos who have made his social media life a nightmare over the past 24 hours.  He says that he regrets none of it, but has pulled all of his posts down.  Now, he’s officially been removed from Rock and Shock, which he has appeared at consistently for the past few years.  So that’s taking money out of his pocket.  All of this for some stupid fuckin’ joke.   Hope it was worth it!

Also a HUGE thanks to George and the MNE camp for pulling some strings and sticking up for the Juggalo Family, the media outlets who already reached out to me in support of Juggalos, a Juggalo named Travis who made me aware of Nick’s initial post, and to Rock and Shock for doing the right thing and revoking his invitation for this and hopefully future events.

Much Love to all of you!

from Faygoluvers


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