MNE’s “Year Of The Sword” Tracklist Revealed!

A ninja by the name of Atrocious hit us up because he was loading up some new tunes via Apple Music, and he noticed that the MNE album Year of the Sword showed up as a newly added release.

While there is only one track that you can hear a preview of, it DOES reveal the entire tracklist for the highly anticipated collaborative album!

If you’re interested in seeing what collabs will be featured on it, check the complete list below.

From Apple Music:

  1. Test of Time (Intro)
  2. Heads Will Roll (feat. Gorilla Voltage & Jamie Madrox)
  3. Turn It Up (feat. Jamie Madrox, Blaze Ya Dead Homie, Lex the Hex Master & Bonez Dubb)
  4. F****d (feat. The R.O.C, Boondox & Gorilla Voltage)
  5. Level Up! (Skit 1)
  6. Their Fault (feat. Jamie Madrox & Young Wicked)
  7. Ignite (feat. The R.O.C, Mr. Grey, Monoxide, Blaze Ya Dead Homie & King Gordy)
  8. Cut Em Up (feat. Young Wicked)
  9. Lights Out (feat. G-Mo Skee & Mr. Grey)
  10. Harassment (Skit 2)
  11. Don’t Fxck Wit Us (feat. The R.O.C, Lex the Hex Master & Clockworc)
  12. Better Than Ever B4 (feat. Blaze Ya Dead Homie, Lex the Hex Master, G-Mo Skee & AMB)
  13. Flix N’ Chill (feat. Young Wicked, Clockworc & Blaze Ya Dead Homie)
  14. Get High (feat. Young Wicked, Mr. Grey, Blaze Ya Dead Homie, Bonez Dubb & Lars)
  15. Galaxy (feat. G-Mo Skee, King Gordy & Jamie Madrox)
  16. Don’t Tell Me (feat. King Gordy & Boondox)
  17. Summon the Majik Ninja (Skit 3)
  18. B.N.U. (feat. Jamie Madrox, G-Mo Skee, Bonez Dubb, Gorilla Voltage, Blaze Ya Dead Homie, Young Wicked & Lars)
  19. Did You Unplug It? (Outro)

According to Apple Music, the expected release date of the album is December 1st, 2017!  We knew we’d be getting it before the end of the year, but now you can unofficially mark your calendars!

Also, be sure to check out that link to hear a preview of a track called “Fucked” featuring The ROC, Boondox and Gorilla Voltage!

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