Looking for Juggalos Interviewed at the 2017 Gathering [Responses Needed!]

OK, we’ve got a bit of a situation here.   As you all know, a movie based on Juggalos is coming out next year, and they were there to interview ninjas at the Gathering, as well as shoot some footage for the movie from the main stage.

If YOU were one of the people that were interviewed, then this pertains to YOU!  There are a handful of Juggalos that gave their consent via video, but written consent forms are still needed.

Unfortunately, due to legalities, I can’t post any video or screen shots from the movie.  However, I CAN post names of those who we need forms from.  I have actually found a bunch of you on Facebook, and will reach out to you individually. Some of you are hard to find just by the first name though.  So, here’s a list of who we’re looking for:

  1. Jared Wheeler from Enid, OK
  2. Macky/Mackie (bald with black and white face paint wearing red shirt.)
  3. BloodTrench from Pueblo, CO
  4. Mariko (female with blonde / multicolored hair, multiple piercings, backpack, wearing red, white face paint with black lipstick during interview)
  5. Juggalo Jesus (with son 2Bullets)
  6. Frank Schneider
  7. Mike Hill (pictured above with Carlito)
  8. Louis/Lewis (was wearing a green Luchador mask with a gold cross on front when he was interviewed)
  9. John Chavez aka “OBeast” from Phoenix

If you know any of these people, or ARE one of these ninjas, please shoot me a message at scottied@faygoluvers.net so we can ENSURE that you’re a part of this movie!

from Faygoluvers


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