Juggalo Interviewed on the Trends in Low Places Podcast Episode “Insane Ghost Posse”

On the 42nd episode on the Trends in Low Places podcast titled “Insane Ghost Posse” the hosts interview a Juggalo that goes by Scrubby Josh who is the former mascot of JuggaloScrubs.com. Apparently Josh was searching for Juggalo podcasts and stumbled across an episode of TILP where the hosts were talking about Juggalos and incorrectly pronouncing words that you would find in the Juggalo Dictonary. Pronouncing Neden as “Needen” and asking about “Psychopath Records.”

Josh hit them up so they had him on and interviewed him. Josh schools the hosts on the Juggalo family but his opinions definitely don’t reflect all Juggalo’s opinions.

You can check that out over at PodBean.com by CLICKING HERE or check that out below.

The interview starts at the 25:40 mark.

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