Juggalo Gang Lawsuit Update [Audio from Oct 11th Hearing]

I just finished listening to 30+ minutes of audio from the October 11th hearing about the FBI Gang List.   I’m not 100% sure if this is the same Judge who heard the case last time, but he took a similar approach as the last one that the audio was made available from.

It starts off sounding like Judge Cole is completely dismissive of the case. But if you listen until the US Attorney starts speaking, you can see that he’s playing both sides of the argument to see how each of them responds.  The 30+ minutes of audio contains some legal jargon, but is mostly easy to follow.

I’m not sure what the outcome of this will be, but if you’d like to hear what happened on Tuesday, just click Play below.

From USCourts.gov:

      1. 16-2440%20Mark%20Parsons%20et%20al%20v%20DOJ_et%20al

from Faygoluvers


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