Chapter 11 of the 20in17 Docu-series titled “Dark Lotus” is Now Available!

Now is the time in the docu-series where I remember shit goin’ on because I was there for it. Finally. This is chapter 11 of the Faygoluvers exclusive docu-series 20in17 titled “Dark Lotus.” I remember being a huge fan of ICP and when they introduced Twiztid I became a huge fan of them. Then when I found out they were forming a dark, wicked shit group together, I was almost fuckin’ giddy. I’m not gonna lie.

The episode starts off with the 2001 Psychopathic Sampler and leads into our homie Brandon Ward speaking on the Echoside giveaway, the original Dark Lotus (with Esham), hidden messages within the music, Marz joining the group, Dark Lotus at the 2nd Gathering of the Juggalos, Tales from the Lotus Pod, ICP on The O’Reilly Factor, Black Rain, The Opaque Brotherhood, The Mud, Water, Air, and Blood, and the final performance of Dark Lotus at The Gathering 17.

Warning. May feel nostalgia while listening to these episodes.

You can check that out by CLICKING HERE.

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Check out the episode as well as previous episodes below:

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