Chapter 10 of the 20in17 Docu-series titled “Bizzar/Bizaar” is Available Now!

The Bizzar/Bizaar albums confused the fuck out of me when they first came out. I was like “what are these? These aren’t Joker’s Cards.” I guess I didn’t fully understand that ICP could make whatever album they wanted to and they would still tie in with the Dark Carnival mythology.

This is Chapter 10 of 20in17 and is all about the Bizzar/Bizaar era of the Insane Clown Posse’s history.

Starting off with the Bizzar/Bizaar Sampler, the episode leads into our homie Brandon Ward discussing the albums, AP Magazine, The Shaggy Show, ICP on Love Line, Let’s Go All The Way on TRL, ICP’s commercial on MTV, The Bizzar/Bizaar Tour, the Butterfly, and more shit happening in that time frame!

Very dope. I honestly have no clue where Brandon gets all of these sound clips from.

You can check that out by CLICKING HERE.

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Check out the episode as well as previous episodes below:

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