Actor Nick Principe Wishes Tragedy like Las Vegas would have happened to Juggalos

I think that it’s safe to say that everyone who has heard about the tragedy that happened a couple of days ago in Las Vegas is both shocked and appalled at this senseless act of violence.  It was the deadliest mass shooting in the modern history of the United States, killing 59 concertgoers, and injuring hundreds.

Then you’ve got people on social media who think it’s witty or edgy to make fun of a massacre like this.  Something that killed dozens of Americans, and you’re making tasteless memes about it.  That’s OK, because it makes it easier to thin my friends/following list.

One thing that really struck a nerve for me though is a screen shot that a friend sent over to me.  Actor Nick Principe, who you might know from American Muscle, Laid To Rest, or ChromeSkull (see more on IMDB), made some extremely fucked up comments concerning tragedies like the shooting in Las Vegas and Juggalos.  Here’s a screen shot:

It needs to be known that this is from his Personal Facebook page, where he apparently has friends who are friends of Juggalos (as one sent me this screen shot).   His Nick Principe Like Page says nothing of the sort.  But as with ANYTHING on the Internet, nothing is anonymous.

The fact that he despises Juggalos so much that he wishes death on us is something that I don’t take lightly.  Maybe he missed all of the positive press about us from the March which showed what we were really about.  Maybe he just has some extremely skewed stereotypes of us ingrained in his tiny pea brain, and hasn’t actually met any of us before.  I know that I don’t personally like country music, but I don’t wish death on its fans.  No rational person would.

So, even if this was some sort of joke (which bombed….horribly), I figured it was worth putting out there so you can choose whether or not to still support him.  I’m personally on some “fuck that guy” shit, but you can draw your own conclusions.  If you’d like to let him know your thoughts, reach out on his fan page at:

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