A Dub – “Off The Reservation”

A Dub’s newest solo release, “Off The Reservation”, is a big Hip-Hop/Punk Rock mixture with a little reggae and southern rock, featuring only 2 guests on the entire record, fellow local Ohio MC’s Spazz and Brutal B. A Dub changed a lot for this record, switching his writing style, sound and some production tweaks. Dub makes music from his heart, mind and through the eyes of everyday human beings. This album has many calls for freedom, self-expression, unity, and some fun, traditional hip-hop as well. There are also a few deep, personal songs on the album, “Papa Doc” being a southern rock, rap dedication to Dub’s father, who passed in 2014. “Work In Progress” relates to all people, but Dub touches on his personal life, raising his daughter, battling his everyday demons/vices and the track has a catchy female vocal sample for the chorus. Dub spent the last 3 years from his last release of solo new original music, 2014’s “Boone Roads”, and this album shows growth in so many areas. Dub did everything for the album, except make beats. His long time friend, Boomer, did the album’s dope cover art, and Dub did the writing, recording, mixing and mastering. Enjoy everyone, let us know what you think!

Purchase the album for $7.00: https://adub0812.bandcamp.com/album/off-the-reservation

  1. Private Sector of Anarchy (P.S.A.)
  2. Wild Flower
  3. Color Blind
  4. Golden Ticket
  5. Witch Hunt
  6. Citizen Of Earth – Ft. Brutal B
  7. Lost In Bermuda
  8. Papa Doc
  9. Off The Wagon
  10. Just Rap – Ft. Spazz
  11. Buy The Ticket/Take The Ride
  12. Work In Progress
  13. Trail Blazer

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