Volunteers Wanted for the Juggalo March [Details Inside]

Are you making your way to Washington D.C. next weekend for the Juggalo March?  Do you want to be a part of making it a success?  Then you may be in luck!  VOLUNTEERS ARE NEEDED in order to make this a safe and organized environment to help Juggalos and Juggalettes get our point across.

If you can help, check out the post below and get in contact with Rachel Paul who is helping organize the March:

Volunteers needed!!! If you’re going to be at the Juggalo March on Washington, the organizers are looking for a group of volunteers to be added to our super team: The Juggalo March Marshalls. Marshalls be given a red staff shirt and be on call to serve the Juggalo Family from 11am til 11pm, 9/16: Everything from crossing the street, directing traffic, answering questions, and giving the low down on what’s going down in Washington, DC. During the march, the Marshalls will be on the periphery of the crowd to keep everyone together and stationed at crosswalks to ensure the safety of the Fam. During the speeches, etc., the Marshalls will be crewed up to answer questions and volunteer to serve the Family’s every needs as we make our incredible presence known in the nation’s capital in our great fight against censorship and oppression for artists everywhere! Want to join the team of Marshalls and serve the Juggalo Nation? Please inbox me or email darkcarnivaltarot@gmail.com. JUGGALO FAMILY UNITE!

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