Twiztid’s “Nosferatu” coming to LIMITED 7″ Vinyl (250 Copies)

I got the teeth as sharp as Ginsu’s. My species is Nosferatu, I got one eye, it’s red like R2D2’s.

Twiztid is going to be releasing their track Nosferatu on 7″ vinyl and that shit is very very limited. I’m talkin’ hand numbered, 250 copies limited. Right now the link is up over at for only $10. 98! That’s pretty goddamned cheap for a limited pressing if you ask me. You can check that out by CLICKING HERE.

The release date for this vinyl is October 31st.

Incase any of y’all were wondering, the B-side to this vinyl is the OG House of Krazees version of Nosferatu.

So fresh.

Although the vinyl is available through it’s not exclusive to Hit up your local record store and order that shit before it’s too late and they run out. Also, support your local record store.

from Faygoluvers


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