Triple Threat After Party in Fort Worth this Friday, September 29th!

If you’re a Juggalo in the Dallas/Fort Worth area that doesn’t know that Twiztid is playing their OG classic Mostasteless this Friday, then there’s still time to correct your fuck-up!  Twiztid will be performing Mostasteless in its entirety this Friday, September 29th at the Rail Club in Fort Worth, TX!

Tickets for the main show are $30.00 in advance.

You can see the flyer for the show here:

Click the pic to enlarge!

So after that flavor, not to mention Blaze Ya Dead Homie performing his debut LP, we just got the word that a Triple Threat After Party was booked at the exact same venue!

Right after Twiztid plays their last track, they will host an after-party for those who want to stay and pay the additional $10.00 where you can hear a bunch of tracks from the latest Triple Threat LP (and who knows what else?)!  Here’s the flyer for that:

Click the pic to enlarge!

You can get tickets for both the main show and the after party here:

I’ll see you ninjas there!

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