Toasted Tweets | Sept. 13, 2017

We’ve been basically inundated with a number of intense storms in what some are calling an unprecedented and record-breaking hurricane season. Seems like a pot-portunity if you ask me—one to smoke, consume or vape record-breaking amounts of weed.

Let’s face it, like 3-D movies, most storms are better experienced high. As long as you’re in a safe place, it’ll help you sleep, calm nerves and, duh, it’s just fun. Do you think hurricanes smokes weed? I say this radar image is proof that, yes.

So enjoy this week’s Toasted Tweets—marijuana-related tweets on a new topic every week from tokers who have too much free time. Hope you all had a safe hurricane adventure and are braced for the remainder of the season.

PS: Surely, these massive hurricanes have nothing to do with global warming or climate change or the fact that the largest glacier chunk on record recently broke off and fell into the ocean. Nothing to see here!

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