Speakers Announced for the Juggalo March

Who’s ready for the greatest event in Juggalo history?

Over on ICP’s Facebook, an updated schedule of events for the Juggalo March was posted, including the speakers who will be lending their voice to the cause down at the National Mall, right where MLK delivered his epic “I have a dream” speech. Wow!

See below for the full rundown and times.

Shout out to the Faygoluvers.net president himself, Scottie D, who will be addressing the crowd!

Also, shout out to Bukshot, who will be joining us after all. Awesome.

Speakers include:

  • Kevin Gill (Stage host)
  • DJ Carlito (Event DJ)
  • Crystal Guerro (Juggalo affected by the gang label)
  • Tyler Bartashnick (Juggalo affected by the gang label)
  • Laura King (Juggalo affected by the gang label)
  • Jessica Bonometti (Juggalo affected by the gang label)
  • Mitchell Sunderland (Vice)
  • Scottie D (FLH)
  • Solana Ramos (ACLU)
  • Camille Dodero (writer)
  • Steve Miller (writer)
  • Farris the Juggalawyer
  • ICP
  • J-Webb/Michael Steinberg of the ACLU
  • Nathan Rabin
  • Sugar Slam
  • Bukshot
  • Mad Man Pondo
  • Rude Boy
  • Jumpsteady

Here is the full list of times. See you in DC ninjas! Whoop whoop!

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