Sign a Petition to Denounce Juggalos as a Criminal Gang

Juggalos, we did it!  We had a 100% successful march, and the pride that I felt and am still feeling today as a Juggalo has been overwhelming!

But, our work isn’t done yet!  I know this isn’t on the official tip, but there has been a petition setup to remove the Gang Designation that was bestowed upon us back in 2011.  After all of the damages it has caused, it’s time to make a permanent change!

Signing the petition takes like 10 seconds, and we need to get 100,000 signatures by October 19th. Can you help?  If so, click this link and get your signing on:

Here’s what the petition states:

In 2011, the fans of the hip hop group Insane Clown Posse, known as Juggalos, were classified on the FBI’s National Gang Assessment as a “loosely organized criminal gang”. These allegations have led to the unjust discrimination of many American citizens, based solely on their musical preference. The Hatchet Man (official logo of Psychopathic Records) has been deemed a gang symbol, and therefore by representing it on your body or vehicle, one is considered a gang affiliate, leading to harsher sentences in court, and penalties as far as dismissal and denial of government employment. Some have lost parental custody, and even been discharged from the military for associating themselves with their favorite band. This is a violation of our constitutional rights, and needs to be corrected!

Take a few seconds and fill in your name and email.  Make sure to look for a follow-up email just for verification!  Thanks ninjas!

from Faygoluvers


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