Scum & Liquid Assassin will not be performing at the upcoming Juggalo March on Washington

Much like the same scenario that happened with out homie Bukshot, it looks like Scum and Liquid Assassin will not be performing at the upcoming Juggalo March on Washington goin’ down this Saturday, September 16th.

Scum recently posted an explanation as to why on his Facebook page. You can check that out by CLICKING HERE or check that out below.

Also, just like Bukshot, ninjas will still have plenty of opportunities to see Scum and Liquid Assassin perform. This is just what happens when no one will let you lock in a venue, ninjas. People get assed out.

Check out the post:

Been out of the country so haven’t been online at all but while I have a little Wifi service let me address this Juggalo March n reasons for Liquid Assassin and I no longer being a part of the free show. It’s all love and we still support this event and protest, we did everything we signed up to do, dropped the cypher verses, committed to perform for free and cover our own travel but unfortunately with PSY not being able to lock in a real venue for the event due to resistance from the local club owners and having to do the show outdoors in between speaches and so being limited to pretty much their own camp and a couple short guest slots it just wasn’t going to work this time. We hope everyone attending is safe, has a great time, and are able to show the rest of the country that juggalos deserve much better then what the fucking FBI and this society feels…if PSY decide to do something FREE for the fam in the future we will gladly honor our past commitment and come perform but we are artists, not guest speakers so going out and not performing after waiting till the very last moment for a venue update to get travel and lodging is just not doable at this time. No love lost, if you are in the area, I hope all of you partake and attend. Much respect,

from Faygoluvers


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