Rittz’ “Last Call” In Stores Today!

Strange Music’s very own Rittz has just dropped his latest album Last Call today for all you ninjas to pick up and bump.

Some of you have already heard a couple tracks from the album, but now you can check out the entire album from beginning to end.

Check out the links below to see where you can pick that up.

Rittz had this to say about the release:

Thanks for the love and support y’all have been showing me and my new album “Last Call” please repost and keep spreading the word it’s available on all of these platforms. THANKS SO MUCH! ITZ RITTZ BITCH!!!! 🙌🏻

Check out the tracklist below:

1.)  “Middle of Nowhere” (prod. Michael “Seven” Summers)
2.)  “Press Rewind” (prod. Michael “Seven” Summers)
3.)  “Indestructible” (prod. Michael “Seven” Summers)
5.)  “Down For Mine” (prod. Miguel “M. Stacks” Brown, Jr.)
5)  “Shootin Star” (prod. Michael “Seven” Summers)
6)  “Dork Rap” (prod. Peso Piddy)
7)  “Crash and Burn” (prod. Michael “Seven” Summers)
8)  “Reality Check” (prod. Michael “Seven” Summers)
9)  “Different Breed” (prod. Jonah “Matic Lee” Appleby)
10)  “Illumination” (prod. Michael “Seven” Summers)
11)  “Into the Sky” (prod. Marz Beats)
12)  “Fuck Cancer” feat. Candice Freeman (Prod. The Avengerz)
13)  “Lose My Cool” (prod. Michael “Seven” Summers)
14)  “So Long” (prod. The Avengerz)
15)  “Victory Lap” (prod. Michael “Seven” Summers)
16)  “I’m Only Human” (prod. Miguel “M. Stacks” Brown, Jr.)
17)  “Live And You Learn” (prod. Mister KA)
18)  “Win” feat. Hitman Shawty and Kane (Prod. Michael “Seven” Summers)

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